Have you ever been outside at a baseball game and suddenly have it down pour? Canoed down the open streams of the river to have the sporadic sky suddenly fling hail at you? Observed the lightning as it ripped through the sky?

At Scottsburg Elementary, Lori Owen and Erica Throckmorton have taught their students when they are caught in the weather to not run away, but to stay, watch, feel and observe the atmospheric conditions spawning from Mother Nature, unless it is really a tornado or violent weather.

They had mini meteorologists in training. The students were engaged with new weather instruments. Weather instruments are devices used by meteorologists to sample the state of the atmosphere, or what it’s doing, at a given time. The students first hand held and were able to use a variety of tools to help them gather information about weather and climate. The students were able to use these instruments to measure the conditions of the weather. The teachers would like to thank the Halifax County Education Foundation for providing the funds for this grant.