On Tuesday, all Halifax County Public Schools students participated in a statewide tornado drill conducted at 9:45 a.m. Students, faculty and staff at Sinai Elementary School and Meadville Elementary School followed instructions and procedures from principals Francine Davis and Kevin Neal. After the announcement of the tornado drill was given over the public address system at each school, everyone made an exit from classrooms to hallways quickly and quietly to kneel and tuck heads facing the wall. Each principal, faculty members and staff supervised students during the drill. Everyone was kept away from windows and remained in place until the announcement by the principal was made to conclude the drill. Both principals were pleased with the results of the tornado drill.  Davis and Neal stated, “the students, faculty and staff did an awesome job getting to their designated area quickly and quietly and remained in place until the drill was completed.” The drill was part of Virginia Severe Weather Awareness Week, which is recognized March 7-11.