Current assistant superintendent Valdivia Hall will step into the role as interim superintendent.

Halifax County School Board made that decision when they met Monday evening due to current superintendent Dr. Mark Lineburg’s pending retirement set for Feb. 17.

They also appointed Jeff Davis, director of student services/accountability to handle human resource duties, and asked interim of secondary education Dr. Scott Worner to offer his support efforts.

ED-3 trustee Sandra Garner-Coleman made a motion to that effect, which was seconded by ED-7 trustee Keith McDowell.

The motion passed 6 to 1, with ED-6 trustee Lacey Shotwell voting in opposition, and ED-2 trustee Roy Keith Lloyd abstaining.

Shotwell said she preferred to interview candidates before making a selection.

School board members plan to continue conversations on the superintendent search at a meeting Thursday at 11 a.m. in the STEM center’s cafeteria.

Board members unanimously voted to agree to meet with VSBA representative Gina Patterson to explore the services VBSA can offer.

The school board has used VSBA services in the past when searching for a superintendent.

They also agreed to explore other options following a motion from Shotwell to do just that.

Garner-Coleman seconded Shotwell’s motion, which passed at a 7 to 1 vote with chairwoman Kathy Fraley voting in opposition.

The ED-3 candidate said that she was fine with exploring other options, but warned the board about the timeline they were facing.

“VSBA has a vast network and we’re dealing with a timeline to identify candidates, review applicants and get a superintendent on board by July 1,” said Garner-Coleman.

She said she hopes the board does not kick this decision down the road like they did with the high school project.

“We can’t afford that,” the ED-3 trustee added.

ED-8 trustee Walter Potts asked if assistance with a superintendent search was part of the services that the school board already pays them for.

But Shotwell explained that assisting with a superintendent search is an additional service VSBA offers that does come with an additional fee.

Garner-Coleman also reminded the board that VSBA had served them well in the past.

They used VSBA’s services when they found Dr. Lineburg.

Ultimately Shotwell told the board that she had a few other options, and that she would see if she could have them attend Thursday’s meeting, as well, but if they were not available, they would set up a meeting as soon as they could.

Ashley Conner is the editor for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact her at

Ashley Hodge is the editor for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact her at