Halifax County School Board members recently recognized six teachers “who have worked very hard” to complete their math specialist endorsement including Dianne Talbott, Annette Duffer, Kanette Hollis, Kelly Hudson, Meagan Smith and Heather Snead.

Each has completed an Old Dominion University Program at the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center while also working full time.

In April 2018, school board members unanimously approved funding for the math specialist training program.

Lisa Long, elementary education and professional development director, and Dr. Christy Carter, professor of mathematics, delivered an in-depth presentation about the program, assuring school board members that additional math training would help teachers and students long-term.

Long said the program is a morale boost for teachers.

“It’s a win-win for everybody,” she said.

After completing their math specialist endorsement, these teachers are required to remain HCPS employees for at least two years, barring a health emergency.