Jessica Hill and Sadarhi Cowan have discovered a mission in life, to inspire young women to meet goals they might have never thought they’d reach.

Part of the pair’s outreach effort came Saturday at Washington-Coleman Community Center in South Boston at an empowerment event called “Becoming Fearless.”

Hill is the founder of Creating A Better Me, LLC, while Cowan serves as vice-president of the group, whose mission is to “enhance the lives of women by educating, uplifting and inspiring them to reach their wildest dreams.”

Cowan, a Halifax County native, met Hill while the pair were undergrads at Old Dominion University, where the idea for the organization was born.

“When she brought this idea to me to be a copartner with her, I knew it was the right thing to do,” said Cowan. “We have community events elsewhere and decided to extend this to South Boston. We thought it would be great to bring the community something fun, something new and something very positive.”

The event drew a cross-section of women of all ages from the community who had the opportunity to listen to a variety of presentations including remarks from guest speaker and educator Linda Coleman Owen.

An educator for over 30 years, Owen has served as a classroom teacher, middle school and central office administrator and elementary school principal.

A long-time proponent of education, Owen is involved with various community programs and professional organizations, and she also continues to be involved in activities at County Line Missionary Baptist Church.

A number of vendors also were on hand, and positive messages were heard throughout the event.

Cowan talked on Saturday about one activity involving attendees at the event putting in writing empowerment statements on note cards to be read aloud.

“We want each woman to come up and write what truth they’re standing in today, and what they’re becoming fearless of,” she said. “For instance, mine is I alone am enough. I don’t have to prove myself to anybody, and I don’t have to change myself to suit anybody’s needs. I myself am good enough.”

Those statements are similar to the philosophy of Hill, the founder of Creating a Better Me, LLC.

“I come from a very small county where there isn’t enough (people) for a young woman to look up to,” explained Hill. “I saw where there weren’t a lot of role models for young women or people in general or events for young women in these communities to come to.”

According to its philosophy, Creating a Better Me, LLC believes that all young women have the ability to surpass any obstacle placed before them.

With the help of young college women coming together serving as positive role models, there is nothing that can stand in the way of their becoming strong, educated “girl bosses” of tomorrow, the philosophy reads.

“Together, we all can make a difference, no one person can do everything, said Hill. “Why couldn’t I be someone to create an event like this? Together we all can make a difference, and one person by themselves doesn’t have to do everything.”

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