First lieutenant Evan Hardy, assistant chief Jeremy King, junior firefighter John Hardy, life member Dean Wagstaff, Jennifer Slagle, chief Darryl Dawson, Lindsey Slagle, Bruce Slagle and firefighter Chase LaRue display donations of hoods donated by the Slagle family to each member of Halifax Volunteer Fire Department.

In February of 2017, Halifax Volunteer Fire Department Life Member the late Garry Slagle was diagnosed with cancer. 

During the research of his diagnosis, he discovered many unsafe practices that can and have contributed to firefighter cancer. 

He focused on educating his fellow firefighters on the dangers of carcinogens on gear and equipment and equipped them with the knowledge to keep their gear clean.  

Slagle began the process to purchase a proper gear washer.  With the help of a family who is close to Halifax Volunteer Fire Department, they were able to purchase it. 

Through a donation from Huber Engineered Woods, they were able to purchase a gear dryer as well. 

On Feb. 1, Slagle’s family donated two new hoods for each member. 

These hoods have increased protection from toxic carcinogenic particulates further protecting firefighter health.