The Halifax County Board of Supervisors finance committee, comprised of chairman and ED-1 representative J. T. Davis, ED-2 Supervisor Jeffrey Francisco and ED-7 Supervisor Garland Ricketts, has unanimously recommended one of three options for financing debt service on courthouse and commonwealth attorney’s building construction.

Details and a final decision will have to wait, however, until the full board can examine and discuss all three options at its Sept. 3 meeting, Davis said.

The finance committee made its recommendation after a Wednesday afternoon meeting attended by a Davenport and Company representative, County Administrator Scott Simpson and Finance Director Stephanie Jackson.

The county has retained Davenport and Company, LLC as a financial consultant.

‘We met with a Davenport representative to discuss options to finance debt service on the courthouse and commonwealth attorney’s building without having to raise taxes,” Davis said.

The Davenport representative presented three options for financing debt service on the courthouse without raising taxes, according to Davis.

The other board members have not seen the three options, so Davis said it would be premature to discuss the options, including details of the one the finance committee recommends, before the Tuesday, Sept. 3, board meeting.

“The option we recommended would not cost the county more but use the $2.4 million that’s set aside as a result of the 2-cents tax increase dedicated to the courthouse,” said Davis.

Also at Wednesday’s meeting, finance committee members considered a donation from the county to the Walkway of Honor initiative.

The Walkway of Honor would be located at the Virginia War Memorial in Richmond.

Ted Daniel, former South Boston town manager, and Joyce Inge French, former Southside Planning District executive director, are spearheading an effort to raise $100,000 for the Walkway of Honor, a brick footpath through the Virginia War Memorial honoring Southside veterans.

South Boston Town Council approved a $5,000 donation to the Walkway of Honor initiative at its Aug. 12 meeting.

The finance committee did not make a recommendation as to the amount of money the county would donate, but discussion of the initiative was continued to the Tuesday, Sept. 3, meeting of the board of supervisors, according to Davis.