Darby McGeorge, a 49-year-old resident of the Liberty community, is running a write-in campaign for the ED-1 Board of Supervisors seat.

McGeorge is challenging newcomer Calvin “Ricky” Short of Nathalie whose name will appear on the Nov. 5 ballot for the ED-1 seat.

Short was the lone candidate for the ED-1 seat after incumbent J. T. Davis chose not to run for re-election until McGeorge launched his write-in campaign this summer.

“I believe in democracy, and I think that we should have choices, “ said McGeorge, a father of five who lives on L. P. Bailey Highway. “We just have that one person, and in a democracy I think we should have another side.”

McGeorge, a California native and son of a serviceman, has business experience as the owner of a landscaping operation and has served as a deputy sheriff in Person County, North Carolina.

He’s also served as a firefighter and medical responder.

A 20-year resident of Halifax County, he originally had enough signatures and qualified for a spot on the ballot, but he withdrew his name because of potential medical issues.

By the time McGeorge got an all-clear from the doctor concerning his potential medical issue, and decided to run as a candidate, he said he didn’t have enough time left to secure sufficient signatures to re-qualify for a spot on the ballot, so he chose to conduct a write-in campaign.

He plans to distribute business cards featuring his photo to ED-1 voters complete with directions for how to vote for him as a write-in candidate.

“I’ve also listed the things I stand for on the back of the card,” said McGeorge, who is currently developing a campaign website, darbymcgeorge.com, which he hopes to have up and running by next Wednesday.

The candidate also has a Facebook page, @darbymcgeorge, and a phone number for voters to call for more information on his candidacy, 434-446-9712.

McGeorge plans to hold public meetings at all three precincts in his district — Liberty, Childrey and Republican Grove — to explain his positions on the issues.

He describes himself as a conservative Republican who believes in fiscal responsibility, social responsibility and balanced budgets.

“I’m pro business, and I’m pro education,” said McGeorge. “I want to know why we’re not attracting the businesses here that are providing good-paying jobs.

“I’ve raised five kids here, and once they reached adulthood, they’ve had to move out of the state to get a job. There wasn’t housing here for them, and that’s another huge issue.”

The number one issue in his district is obtaining high speed internet, according to McGeorge.

“For lots of people I spoke with, that was a big deal for them,” he explained. “We have fiber optic cable that runs all the way down (Highway) 501 to Brookneal, and I’d like to see what we can do to tap into that.”

Residents would not only benefit from that access but also potential entrepreneurs and businesses, he added.

Taxes are another issue, and even maintenance, McGeorge pointed out, with one “Welcome to Halifax County” sign he’s seen being so dilapidated, it can’t be read from top to bottom.

“It’s not inviting at all, and we still have people doing illegal dumping,” said McGeorge. I’m looking at 21st century solutions to our cell phone issues and internet issues.

“Our taxes continue to go up. I’m a homeowner, and I don’t see the type of changes we should be seeing,” said McGeorge, who added his district lacks a community garden or community park.

McGeorge doesn’t believe in putting band-aids on problems that cost tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix, when the problem can be addressed in a much cheaper way at the very beginning.

“Fix the source, and the problems that branch off from that source are eliminated,” he said.

Voters will go to the polls Tuesday, Nov. 5, to elect the new ED-1 supervisor.

Doug Ford reports for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact him at dford@gazettevirginian.com.

Doug Ford covers news and sports for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact him at dford@gazettevirginian.com.