The Halifax County-South Boston Public Library System will be the recipient of a $1,000 grant from the Community Foundation of the Dan River Region.

Library Director Jay Stephens was excited to learn about the grant. 

“This grant award is wonderful and will allow us to develop a new collection at the library, one that I believe will be of interest to a lot of people,” he said. 

Stephens explained that the grant funds would be used to develop a “Library of Things” collection within the library’s larger collection.  

“The ‘Library of Things’ will be a collection of devices and equipment that people may need to use on occasion but that they don’t use often enough to purchase. It will include items such as a telescope, a microscope, an air compressor, an air quality monitor and possibly even some sports equipment, such as a cornhole set,” said Stephens. 

Customers will be able to check the items out of the library, use them and then return them to the library.  

“Credit goes to two library board members, Denise Hudson and Susan Stewart, for this project,” Stephens said.  “It would not have been possible without them.”  

Stephens also expressed great appreciation for the Community Foundation of the Dan River Region, which has provided other grants to the library, including several grants in support of summer reading programs.

Library staff will begin to purchase items for the “Library of Things” within the next month.  

The plan is to have the collection ready for public use by the end of March 2021.