One child was airlifted from the scene of a wreck that occurred around 1 p.m. Tuesday injuring three others and seriously damaging a house located at 1012 Temple Hill Road (State Route 614) in Scottsburg.

Virginia State Trooper K. R. Martin said three children and one adult were injured when an empty logging truck and a Toyota Camry collided.

The driver of the L. P. Dugger Logging truck was not hurt.

The identities of those involved in the accident were not released as of press time Tuesday.

After striking the Camry, the logging truck ran into the modular home where Robert Hatcher had been sleeping at the time of the incident.

Also inside the house when the truck hit the house were Candice Hatcher and a child, who were not hurt.

“I work night shift, so I was napping. About the time I heard it, I was picking myself up off the floor. It was almost simultaneously,” said Hatcher, who later went to the hospital to be checked out.

The Hatchers said the house was completely “wrecked” with everything being shifted on impact.

No further details on the accident were available as of press time.