A Cluster Springs resident is hoping the third time will be the charm. It’s his third attempt in trying to get an area rezoned on Huell Matthews Highway.

Halifax County Board of Supervisors have set a public hearing Monday evening for the request by Donnie Green, POA for Ruth Green, to rezone 37.69 acres from A-1, agriculture to B-2, general business.

The supervisors’ meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. in the Mary Bethune Office Complex in Halifax.

The parcel, listed as 6666, that Green would like rezoned is located on the northwest corner of Huell Matthews Highway and Cluster Springs Road.

Two previous applications submitted by Green for rezoning were denied.

A vote to rezone the property in September failed three to five after three Cluster Springs residents spoke in opposition of the request.

Voting against the measure in September were ED-8 supervisor William Bryant Claiborne, ED-4 supervisor Ronnie Duffey, ED-7 Garland Ricketts, ED-1 supervisor Ricky Short and ED-5 supervisor Dean Throckmorton.

Also in June, the Greens approached supervisors about the possibility of rezoning an area at 6002 Huell Matthews Highway in South Boston to erect a billboard, but many Cluster Springs landowners spoke in opposition.

The board ultimately denied both requests with concerns about buffers with adjoining residential neighboring parcels, as well as congested traffic patterns.

So this time Green has pledged in his new application to prepare and record a revised plat of survey of the parcel to establish a “No Land Disturbance Zone” of 50 feet wide along all non-road frontage property lines. The county ordinance only requests a 25-foot setback from B-2 properties adjoining residential or agriculture districts.

No Land Disturbances Zones are used as buffers to visibly separate one use from another through screening and distance; to shield or block noise, light, glare, air pollution dust, dirt or litter.

No trees can be cut and nothing can be placed in this 50-foot buffer, according to the application.

At a recent planning commission meeting, one person, Dot G. Carr, owner of Cluster Springs Park, submitted correspondence in support.

However, two individuals, Brenda Yancey and Kenneth Owen, spoke in opposition of the request, and 15 individuals submitted correspondence in opposition.

Ultimately, the planning commission voted to adjourn their meeting and request a joint meeting with the board of supervisors before a recommendation is made on the rezoning request.

Because the planning commission made no recommendation, supervisors cannot vote on this matter, and should postpone the matter until supervisors receive a recommendation.

Supervisors also are set to hold another public hearing Monday evening for a conditional use permit request by Bob West with West Investment Niche, LLC to open a Christian ministry at 1161 Arthur Ware Trail.

The ministry would target U.S. veterans and troubled youth to provide temporary housing, wildlife adventures and biblical teaching.

West’s site plan proposes construction of four bunk houses for youth, four for veterans and housing for around 40 staff, a dining hall, a worship center and bath houses. The proposed facility would operate seven days a week, 24 hours a day, according to the application.

The listed parcels consist of approximately 580.441 acres, with eight acres used for the construction of the new facility and remaining land open for hunting, fishing and other wildlife adventures.

At a recent planning commission meeting, commissioners voted to recommend approval of the CUP.

With it being the first meeting of the New Year, supervisors also are slated to elect a chairman and vice chairman as well as appoint a clerk and deputy clerk before confirming seating assignments.

Supervisors also are expected to adopt their meeting schedule, bylaws, meeting guidelines, code of ethics and standards of conduct.

Confirmation of director of emergency services also awaits supervisors as well as consideration of the 2021 holiday calendar.

Supervisors also are slated to complete the following:

• Consider a recommendation from the finance committee to accept expansion funding for Comprehensive Community Corrections Act and Pretrial Services Act from the Department of Criminal Justice Services;

• Consider a recommendation from the finance committee to approve the purchase of software for the commissioner of revenue’s office;

• Consider a recommendation from the finance committee to deny a request from the Department of Health to retain unmatched funding;

• Consider a request to abandon a portion of Florida Trail;

• Consider authorization to execute the sub-award agreement and forming a review team for the final project scope determination associated with an emergency services grant. The Virginia Department of Emergency Management informed the county of a new allocation of funding under the 2020 Local Emergency Management Performance Grant (LEMPG) from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

The federal sub-award share is $49,804 with a local funding match of $49,804 making the total project value $99,608.

• Consider adopting a resolution naming Route 603, Cody Road, from Route 647 across Leda Grove Road north to Joel’s Lane and Cody Road, in Halifax County as the Richard E. “Dickie” Abbott Memorial Highway.

• Hear a courthouse project update.