Cleanup underwy in Riverdale.jpg

Cleanup begins on Highway 501 in Riverdale on Tuesday afternoon as waters continue to recede from heavy rains that closed the portion of roadway on Sunday.

Highway 501 through Riverdale was scheduled to reopen early Wednesday morning following heavy rains over the weekend that forced closure of that heavily-used thoroughfare and portions of 10 other roads throughout Halifax County.

“Hopefully, we can get it open,” South Boston Public Works Director Danny McCormick said on Tuesday.

The flood warning continued at the Dan River in South Boston on Tuesday morning, with the river at 27 feet and falling at 7 a.m., according to the NWS.

The NWS predicted the Dan River would continue to fall below flood stage (19 feet) by early Wednesday morning.

Portions of Railroad Avenue and Summit Drive in South Boston also remained closed due to high water Tuesday morning, according to McCormick.

The National Weather Service in Blacksburg (NWS) predicted the Dan River in South Boston to rise as high as 27.3 feet, just short of the 501/58 intersection, and barricades went up at the 501/58 intersection on Sunday morning.

This crest compared to a crest of 26 feet on Nov. 15, according to the NWS.

Floodwaters fell short of reaching the intersection, and McCormick said Tuesday he is hopeful that Highway 501 through Riverdale to the Tucker C. Watkins Memorial Bridge could be opened to traffic by early Wednesday morning.

Floodwaters began to recede after midnight on Monday.

“Weather service projections kept increasing coming into the weekend,” said Halifax County Emergency Services Coordinator Steve Dishman on Tuesday morning. “This is about what they had predicted by Saturday, and we put the information out as best we could with that in mind. It’s just been very unusual to have this much rain so close together.

“We’ve experienced multiple flooding events in the last six months. It’s unprecedented,” he added.

Portions of 10 roads in Halifax County were under water as a result of the recent rainfall, including portions of Routes 600, 619, 658, 695, 667, 683, 704, 710, 716 and 778, according to the Virginia Department of Transportation.

Halifax County also was under a wind advisory starting Sunday, but no damage from high winds was reported, according to Dishman.

No significant power outages were reported for the Dominion Energy customer base in Halifax County due to the winds, Dishman explained.

“We have not gotten any reports of any significant outages,” he said.

However, Meadville released students early Monday due to a power outage.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is managing grant opportunities for communities in Virginia looking to fund recovery from recent natural disasters, with available grant funding from $8-10 million, according to Dishman, adding that Halifax County Emergency Services is compiling a short list of needs, including emergency generators.

“We’re in the process of evaluating what our most significant needs are, and the county as a whole is looking at it together to develop an effective use of potential funding for the most critical needs,” Dishman said.