The public will get a chance to welcome 60 to 80 veterans of the Combat Veteran Motorcycle Association as they roll into the Uttermost Ranch on Saturday at 11 a.m. for their Hope Feast.

All ages are welcome to come out to the ranch located at 1161 Arthur Ware Trail in South Boston.

The event will serve as a fundraiser for Uttermost Ranch, operated by 10-4 God, a nonprofit organization.

10-4 God is a ministry that targets U.S. veterans and first responders to provide temporary housing, wildlife adventures and biblical teaching. Veterans and first responders can come out to the property and get counseling.

With this event, Scott Walker explained they want to “show the public what our intentions are, what are plans are and gain local support.”

At the event, there will be a brief presentation of a Cowboy Church service, a Gospel message delivered, games, tours of the property and some details on what God is leading 10-4 God to do on this 580-acre property.

There also will be a chili cook-off competition, and they’re still accepting contestants.

“If you have a bad to the bone chili, bring it by,” said Walker.

The event also will include horseman’s shop event and animal tours.

10-4 God and Sip Coffee are sponsoring the event.

For more information on 10-4 God visit 10-4 God also can be found on Facebook.

More information on Hope Feast also can be obtained by calling Andrea Walker at 803-848-6562 or Scott Walker at 434-222-6127.