The fifth annual Womanless Beauty Pageant to benefit Halifax County Cancer Association was one of its most successful ever by organizers who say over $12,000 was raised.

Participating in the pageant were 10 contestants including Foxxy aka Billy Rice, Miss Eunice C. Berger aka Devin Hall, Dixie Tucker aka Dennis Blanks, Summer Clearance aka Charles Anderson, Cotton Candy aka Anthony Anderson, LaToya Bridgefield aka Blake Jones, Ruby aka “Doc” Clark Jr., Bub-Bell aka Christopher Braman, Ivy Dripp aka J. T. Lawhorn and Kitty Kat aka Daniel Eanes.

HCCA Director Sharon Blosser said she and the board of directors would like to thank everyone who came out to the fifth annual Womanless Beauty Pageant. They are excited to announce that a total of $12,396.12 before concessions, was raised to help the cancer patients of Halifax County.

Blosser added that after everything is counted, the total funds raised will probably top $13,000, compared to last year, when approximately $9,000 was raised

“All funds from the womanless beauty pageant will go to assist local facilities battling cancer,” Blosser said.

Ivy Dripp, aka J.T. Lawhorn was awarded the title of Ms. HCCA Queen, and he also was the talent winner.

Ruby, aka “Doc” Clark Jr. and Dixie Tucker, aka Dennis Blanks, tied for first-place, with Blanks winning a “dance off” to break the tie.

LaToya Bridgefield, aka Blake Jones, was second runner-up, and Summer Clearance, aka Charles Anderson, was third runner-up for the pageant.

Foxxy, aka Billy Price was most supported raising $4,614 in donations.

Blosser expressed her appreciation with the large turnout from the community in support of the cause, with a crowd she estimated at over 1,000 packing the Halifax County auditorium.

The Halifax County Cancer Association stands ready to assist anyone in need while fighting cancer.

“Special thanks to all the guys who participated. They are all winners to the cancer patients of Halifax County,” said Blosser.

“We’re here to help.”

HCCA is taking orders for DVDs of the pageant. They are $10 each and will either be delivered to individuals or mailed.

“Buy a DVD and continue to support the patients. You can call the HCCA office at 476-2714 to order a DVD,” said Blosser.

Halifax County Cancer Association is a local nonprofit providing financial assistance to residents of Halifax County who are facing cancer.

For more information about HCCA, call the office at 434-476-2714 Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.