Halifax Town Council is slated to review a revised resolution for a grant to fund two new police vehicles and a vehicle for the town’s sanitation department when they meet Tuesday.

Council will meet for their monthly meeting immediately following their work session. The work session will get underway at 6:30 p.m. at Halifax Town Hall.

The revised resolution is for the USDA rural development community facilities vehicle grant and direct loan program.

Town council members signed off on the resolution to continue the grant application process at their December meeting.

Police Chief Stuart Comer and assistant town manager Denise Barksdale have done the legwork on the project, looking into buying two 2020 AWD Ford Utility Police Interceptors for $34,876.90 each plus equipment upgrades for cages, radio consoles, emergency lights, sirens, radars and labor at a cost of $24,050.05 for a grand total of $93,803.85.

For the sanitation department, Comer and Barksdale have looked at purchasing a 2019 Ford F-250 XL 4X4 SD Crew Cab for $32,368.70.

Halifax Town Manager Carl Espy said the grant could provide 35% of the total project cost.

The balance of $82,022.55 would be paid for with a five-year loan with no pre-payment penalties through USDA-RD at a 3% interest rate, Espy said.

In other new business, council is expected to hear a resolution authorizing Virginia Department of Transportation to administer the Halifax Downtown Streetscape Extension Project, also known as the MAP-21 Transportation Alternatives Program.

The streetscape project involves the installation of decorative street lighting, pedestrian crosswalks, signage, landscaping, traffic light pole replacement and other facilities for the interconnectivity of neighborhoods and commercial areas, along with highway corridor safety enhancements within the center of the county seat.

The project at the same time will address safety, congestion and the preservation of Virginia’s transportation network along Virginia Scenic Byway 360.

Comer also is slated to give a monthly report to council.

A public comment period will wrap up the new business portion of Tuesday’s meeting.

During the work session preceding the meeting, chairmen of the town’s business development, finance and current affair committees are expected to give reports.

Daryl Dawson, chief of the Halifax Volunteer Fire Department, also is slated to present the Halifax Volunteer Fire Department 2019 annual report.