The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) roadway maintenance contractors, Adams Paving, will be working in the town of Halifax starting Monday on Mountain Road (VA Scenic Byway 360), according to Roy Sage, VDOT maintenance operations manager with the Halifax Residency. Crews work from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The section of highway where milling and repaving will take place over the next several days will be between Academy Street (Rte #652), 0.10 miles west of the intersection with South Main Street (U.S. Highway 501), continuing west past the town’s corporate limits toward Sinai Road (Rte. #654).

Adams Paving has not indicated to VDOT whether the work will start on the west or the east section of Mountain Road, so all motorists should exercise caution when traveling throughout this highway corridor, said Carl Espy, Halifax town manager.

According to Sage, the milling work should be completed in one day, and paving should not take more than two days after that.

VDOT anticipates the new pavement to be finished by the evening on Wednesday if all goes to plan and weather permitting.

Line painting may come a few weeks later because of Adams Paving schedule on other roadways throughout the Halifax Residency area. Reflective temporary markers will be installed on the proposed centerline. The roadway will not be closed during the work, and a flagging team will help steer traffic on Mountain Road.

Residents and businesses are encouraged to make plans accordingly while the VDOT’s contracting road crew is resurfacing the pavement.

The Halifax Police Department will monitor safety conditions for the traveling public along the repaving areas as the work is taking place.