Recent downpours have resulted in high waters in the Banister River, and now the postponement of the Flotsam Flotilla.

Originally re-set for Saturday, organizers have agreed it is best to postpone the event.

“After last night’s deluge, there’s too much water for Saturday,” Halifax town manager Carl Espy said Thursday. “Dan River Basin Association will provide to the town all their grant-related materials, including the nice, promotional T-shirts, so we’ll work to make this more of a local effort during the summer when the river settles down.

“While the sun will likely be shining, the river may still be rising and even with a crest during the next 24 hours, the flow levels will be way too high, making conditions unsafe,” he added.

The reschedule date will be announced at a later date.

The Flotsam Flotilla was last scheduled in April but cancelled due to thunderstorms and high water.

Held in conjunction with the Dan River Basin Association (DRBA), the Flotsam Flotilla river clean up is another opportunity for citizens to take action following the Halifax County Improvement Council’s successful communitywide cleanup held on March 16.

A total of 63.3 miles of the Banister, which flows past the town of Halifax, is designated a State Scenic River. It is a tributary of the Dan River sub-basin and the Roanoke River Basin.