Halifax Town Council is set to again wrestle with a decision on a proposed recreational vehicle park Tuesday evening.

The council session will get underway at 7 p.m. in Halifax Town Hall immediately following a 6:30 p.m. work session.

At last month’s meeting, council postponed taking action on Toots Creek Antique Mall owner Dean Jones’ special use permit application for Toots Creek RV Park, following a public hearing in which Jones spoke in favor of the park and three people spoke against it.

A stumbling block has emerged centered on a time limit with vehicles staying at the proposed facility. The Halifax Planning Commission recommended a three-month limit for occupants.

At a previous meeting, Jones asked council members to remove the limit. He reasoned that park guests who are contractors may need to stay there longer than three months, for several months or even a couple of years depending on the project on which they are working.

“My market niche that I am wanting are solar project workers, pipeline and power plant workers, traveling nurses, workers that will be in the area while constructing buildings in our local industrial parks, and also workers that will come in when the new high school is being built,” Jones told council in March. “All of the above may be here months or years depending on the project.”

If the town of Halifax decides not to remove the three-month time limit for guests’ stay at his proposed RV park, Jones said in March he would have no choice but to construct the RV park in Halifax County instead. He said he has spoken with a county official who informed him that the county does not have a length of stay restriction.

Last month, Jones indicated he would be agreeable to a five-year time limit on guests’ stay at the RV park.

In other matters, council is expected to take up considerations for the upcoming fiscal year budget and plan a first reading June 14.

Members also are expected to hear a monthly report from the Halifax Police Department.