Halifax County Public School Superintendent Dr. Mark Lineburg is scheduled to present a PowerPoint to Halifax Town Council members at Tuesday’s meeting outlining the need for either construction of a new high school or renovation of the existing building.

The work session is set to get underway at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday followed by the regular monthly meeting at Halifax Town Hall at 7 p.m.

It would take in the neighborhood of $88 million to renovate the existing high school, including the construction of additional space, and a new high school altogether would cost approximately $99 million, Lineburg is expected to tell council.

Lineburg does not plan to advocate one solution over the other but to make council aware of both alternatives during the meeting.

The school superintendent has suggested several avenues in seeking funding for repairs, including savings within the school system, the potential for more state funding and an internet sales tax.

“Doing nothing is not an option,” Lineburg has said on prior occasions when he noted a sense of urgency. “I may be ambitious, but I want to be shovel ready in 2020, and I want to do it right,” he said, adding that construction costs would only rise as time went on. “We need folks to advocate for us. It’s time to work on the high school.”

When Lineburg speaks at Tuesday’s meeting, he will be seeking council’s support.

In other action Tuesday, council is slated to hold a public hearing on a matter regarding the condition of town residents’ property. 

Slated on the agenda are public comments about proposed amendments to the Halifax Town Code “health and sanitation” that includes adding sections on “weed and debris” and “running bamboo.” 

“The general purpose of this ordinance is to preserve and protect private and public property, indigenous plant materials and property values from the damaging spread of running bamboo grasses,” the article in the code states.

The code also has been amended to include Chinese wisteria and Japanese wisteria as a weed to be moderated.

The town of Halifax Planning Commission held a public hearing on Sept. 26 at Halifax Town Hall to receive public comment on the proposed amendments and recommended approval.

Council is slated to take action on the proposed amendments after the public hearing is closed.

In other action Tuesday night, council is expected to take the following actions:

Hear the Halifax Police Department’s monthly report from Chief Stuart Comer; and

 Consider adopting a VML/VACo financing resolution for replacing a Halifax Police Department vehicle.

In addition to hearing from the school superintendent during the work session Tuesday, council also is expected to hear committee reports from chairs of the business development, finance and current affairs committees.