The town of Halifax budget is set for approval and appropriation at a special meeting Wednesday night with Halifax Town Council and Halifax Planning Commission meeting jointly.

The meeting is set to get underway at 7 p.m. in Halifax Town Hall.

The $1,285,622 budget includes no tax increase, but it does include increases to various departments largely due to grant-funded projects for the Banister River Blueways and the Halifax downtown streetscape extension.

In addition to no tax increases, the budget also includes employee raises up to 2% based on annual evaluations.

The budget also is growing for each department, mostly due to grants, with the largest increase in the budgeted monies for street projects. That line item is increasing by $151,790 or 206.67 percent.

In addition to adopting the budget, town council is set to hold a public hearing for comment on a special use permit application by Erin Shaughnessy to allow a home business at 615 Mountain Road.

She resides in an R-1 residential zoning district.

Council members also are slated to consider July and August meeting schedules during Wednesday night’s meeting.