The town of South Boston, the proud hometown of Company F of the 29th Infantry Division, can rightfully be proud of its military heritage.

Destination Downtown South Boston, as a way to honor that heritage and contributions made by veterans to the community, has sold 22 veterans street banners to line the streets of downtown South Boston, with the banners going up on Thursday.

Families purchased dedication banners to celebrate and honor their veterans at a cost of $200, and they can pay to keep their banners flying at a renewal cost of $40, according to Destination Downtown Executive Director Tamyra Vest.

The banners will continue to fly until the Veterans Day Parade in South Boston this November, Vest said.

“We are so excited about this project. We are proud of the contributions our veterans have made to the history of our nation as a whole and to our community in particular. We are honoring those contributions in a unique way by displaying street banners in downtown South Boston,” said Vest.

“I think the banners are a great way to honor veterans in a visible manner. It reminds everyone that these men and women in our community have sacrificed so much for the freedoms that we enjoy today.”

Town officials originally noticed similar veterans banners being displayed in the city of Hopewell and the town of Bedford, and town officials based South Boston’s banner program on those examples.

“We liked them so much, we got our own template and made our own,” explained Vest.

Some families have more than one banner flying in South Boston, Vest pointed out.

“We’re all excited to celebrate and honor our veterans. I’ve had people come and see their banners who have cried and made me cry in the process. At least a couple of families already have expressed interest in purchasing a banner next year,” according to Vest.

The initial cost of $200 covers the production, installation and removal of the banner, and those applying to install a previously displayed banner in good condition would pay $40 for installation and removal of the banner.

Options for inclusion on the banner include the branch of military service and the type of service, whether active duty, veteran or memorial.

Spelling of the service person’s name on the banner will be taken directly from the application.

“Because of our streetscape change since the beginning of organizing this program, we do have a few more banner spots,” said Vest.

For more information on sponsoring a banner, call 434-575-4209 or email