The banners would look similar to this one in Bedford honoring D-Day veteran Raymond S. Hoback.

Halifax County is rightfully proud of the contributions its veterans have made to the history of the nation as a whole and to this community in particular, in war and in peacetime.

Destination Downtown South Boston (DDSB), in recognizing those contributions, is offering a unique way to honor veterans with a street banner in downtown South Boston.

“Destination Downtown South Boston is selling 22 veterans’ street banners to line the streets in downtown South Boston,” said Executive Director Tamyra Vest.

Families can purchase dedication banners to celebrate and honor their veterans for only $200 each, according to Vest.

“They will be displayed on Main Street from June 30 through Veterans Day,” said Vest, adding that participation is limited due to the number of poles in downtown South Boston that currently have banners on them.

“It will be first come, first serve,” said Vest.

Lori Reaves Vogt, who serves as co-chair of the Veterans Day celebration, said the banners are a good way of honoring veterans in a visible manner.

“I think the banners will be a great way to honor our local veterans and remind everyone that these men and women in our community have sacrificed so much for the freedoms that we enjoy today,” said Vogt.

The initial cost of $200 covers the production, installation and removal of the banner.

Those applying to install a previously displayed banner in good condition would pay $40 for installation and removal of the banner.

Spelling of the service person’s name on the banner will be taken directly from the application.

Options for inclusion on the banner include the branch of military service and the type of service, whether active duty, veteran or memorial.

The application itself, a digital copy of a photo of the veteran to be honored, a military verification form and a check payable to DDSB with reference to “Veteran Banner Program” also are required.

Cissy Tingen Martin, a co-chair of the Veterans Day celebration, said she sees the banners “as a wonderful way to celebrate our hometown heroes.

“After visiting a town where the streets were lined with these banners, it makes me so excited and proud to see this happening here,” said Martin. “What a great way to show our appreciation and honor our veterans.”

For more information, call 434-575-4209 or email The application is available at

The deadline to order is April 5.