South Boston Town Manager Tom Raab unveiled a proposed $10,665,703 budget for 2019-2020 at Monday’s work session, one without tax or fee hikes but including merit-based raises for employees ranging from 0 to 3 percent dependent on annual evaluations.

The proposed budget is $104,324 higher than the previous year ($10,561,379), according to Raab.

Proposed expenditures include $2,478,308 for the police department, compared to $2,443,732 in the current year; $950,179 for the fire department, compared to $871,995 this year; and $75,889 for public works administration, compared to $72,065 this year.

A total of $1,764,934 is budgeted for street maintenance compared to $1,731,224, an increase of $33,710 over the current year. Also included is $163,000 for street lights compared to $158,000 this year.

The museum is set to receive $65,314, compared to $63,159 this year, and the library is budgeted for $111,800, compared to $107,033 in the current year year.

Economic development is slated to receive $258,350, compared to $260,350 this year.

The proposed budget has $106,132 set aside for contingencies.

Under revenue, the proposed budget includes $123,500 more than the current year from anticipated cigarette tax revenue, a $2,000 increase in refuse disposal revenue, a $3,500 increase in expected refunds and DMV Stop Fee revenue as well as a $22,999 increase in interest on investment revenue.

A public hearing on the proposed 2019-2020 budget will be held at the Monday, April 8, council meeting.