Organizers of South Boston’s Mayor’s Youth Advisory Committee are seeking applicants.

Edward “Ed” Owens, mayor of the town of South Boston, has approved to have a selection of high school students to be members of the committee. Gregory T. Scott, JROTC Army instructor at Halifax County High School, is the committee organizer.

The purpose of this advisory committee is to advise, assist, support and advocate for the mayor and town council members. The focus will be on matters that will strengthen opportunities for the community. The committee will understand and know the importance of the advisory committee that has a clear purpose and guidelines.

Members are volunteers who will share their knowledge and competency.

Seven individuals will be selected to serve in assigned leadership positions.

The mission is to have a clear purpose that will leverage the network, maximize value and maintain ongoing communication with the mayor and town council members of South Boston.

If any high school student in grades eight through 12 is interested, email Scott at for an application and schedule a date for an interview.

If selected, the members will serve one term on the committee.