Drivers using Edmunds Street as a short cut from North Main Street to the by-pass and Wilborn Avenue are going to have to find another way through South Boston for about three months, while town public works crews perform a major reconstruction of the Edmunds Street-Penick Avenue intersection.

C. W. Crowder, operations supervisor for South Boston Public Works, said this week the project is the last VDOT revenue-sharing project for 2019, and it involves replacement of 72-inch storm drain lines in place for more than 100 years.

Public works are replacing the metal pipe with two 60-inch concrete elliptical pipes beneath sewer and water lines at the intersection, thereby improving drainage capacity.

The project, estimated to cost $540,203, also includes new storm drain boxes, new pavement and curb and gutter replacement at the intersection and also the realignment of Penick Street with Edmunds Street, according to Crowder.

“It’s a dollar for dollar match with VDOT,” explained Crowder.

“We’re realigning Penick Street with Edmunds Street.”

The project started last Monday, and public works officials estimate completion within 90 days, weather permitting.

The project is the final of two VDOT revenue-sharing projects for the 2019 fiscal year, according to Crowder, the first one being the replacement of a drainage pipe underneath Watkins Avenue in South Boston.

That project replaced a dilapidated drainage pipe running under Watkins Avenue and involved the construction of feeder pipes from Easley Street and Chalmers Street.

The project included replacement of a 54-inch diameter concrete drainage pipe running 80 feet under Watkins Avenue, along with construction of pipes draining water from Chalmers Street and Easley Street to the larger pipe running approximately 200 feet.

That project cost approximately $250,000, according to Crowder.