A public hearing for the town of South Boston’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2020-2021 is set for 7 p.m. Monday in the multipurpose room at the Washington Coleman Community Center at 1929 Jeffress Blvd.

The budget hearing is part of the South Boston Town Council’s regular business meeting. The town council has been meeting at the Washington Coleman Community Center since April instead of its usual meeting location in Council Chambers on Yancey Street. The larger location allows council members and other meeting attendees to observe social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The town’s proposed $12,463,814 budget is a balanced budget and contains no tax increases. South Boston residents interested in commenting on the budget will have an opportunity to do so during the hearing. Normal time limits will be observed.

The top three expenditures in the proposed budget are public works ($3,024,341), police ($2,656,884) and capital improvement projects ($2,251,000).

The top three revenue sources are local taxes other than general property taxes ($4,502,000), state revenue ($3,563,876) and general property taxes ($1,963,231).

Town council also is slated to consider allowing the operation of solar energy facilities in certain areas of town.

Up for council’s consideration is a resolution initiating a proposed text amendment to the town’s zoning ordinance to list solar energy facilities as a use permitted by special use permit in rural residential agricultural districts. The resolution states that solar energy facilities are not listed as a permitted use under the zoning chapter of the town code and are therefore prohibited by exclusion.

While solar energy facilities currently are not permitted in the town of South Boston, they are allowed in Halifax County and specifically listed in the county zoning code.

The county’s board of supervisors has approved several solar energy facility applications since January 2018 and one application is pending.