May 5, 2000 – Feb. 28, 2020

William succumbed to the effects of a traumatic brain injury sustained in an automobile accident in Halifax County.

William is a very handsome, polite, honest and Christian person who was a licensed insurance agent at the youthful age of 19. His accomplishments are many and his high moral standards include his belief that everyone should take the long hard road to success and he prepared to do just that. His life was blameless while enjoying experiences that included drinking a Mountain Dew soft drink and beholding his Heavenly Father’s Creation. He made plans to serve as a foreign missionary so he could spread the Gospel message while building homes for the impoverished with Grace for Guatamala in conjunction with Morgans Baptist Church, Bedford.

His legacy continues with his surviving family, parents Troy and Charlotte Perdue; brothers, Jason, Elliot, Patrick and Ian Perdue; sisters, Annie, Joy and Sally Perdue; and grandmother, Mertle Akers.

William’s acknowledgement and acceptance of Jesus Christ was known as he survives in glory while his family grieve on Earth.

His final arrangements have not yet been made.