I’m reading with great interest the stories surrounding the 50th anniversary of man’s first moon landing in 1969, and they bring back a flood of memories to someone who dreamed of distant worlds as little more than a country boy in Halifax County.

I watched the recent Democrat Party debates. I wanted to see if any offered any proposals that might be of value. 

There has been much news and discussion about the Halifax County Courthouse renovation. It has been a long and contentious journey for all involved. When I came on the board in 2016, the courthouse project was still a tangled web of design issues.

The fourth of July is here, and all Americans hopefully will embrace the day without fear, total liberation and the American spirit.  

I sometimes — well, most of the time — find myself in a rush to complete all the tasks at hand in a normally busy day, just like everyone else in this busy world.

No doubt, the draconian pro-life laws passed in nine states have brought many emotions to the surface, but to call such emotions an avalanche of pro-abortion media pressure is overstating the reality. Mr. Skelton’s article uses inflammatory terms to advance his view that “pro-choice is wrong…

The year was 1982, and this young Averett College graduate who had just walked across the stage to secure her bachelor’s degree in English/journalism was ready to set sail in her first full-time newspaper job at The Star-Tribune in Chatham.

Just a few days ago, I looked at your front page and read, “Process to build school outlined.” Without even a token attempt to convince us that we need a new building in the first place, our self-appointed betters are charging off to do what they want, because they want to and because they think that they can get away with it.

“What we’ve got here is failure to communicate” is a famous phrase from the 1960’s classic movie, “Cool Hand Luke,” referring to a character played by the late Paul Newman, and his refusal to conform to rules set for him and his fellow work gang members at a correctional facility in the south.

The pro-life laws passed in nine states this year have released an avalanche of pro-abortion media, entertainment and political pressure on lawmakers and voters alike. Some of the pressure is pure power play, like the Netfix CEO’s threat to pull production from Georgia over its new law. But …

On behalf of the members of the Faulkner Memorial Lodge No. 91, South Boston, we would like to offer our sincere thanks to all those who helped make the recent blood drive in honor of Libby Redd a successful event.  


On June 11, Republicans in the 15th Senate District will be voting for a Republican candidate for the State Senate. As Republican committee chairmen representing the 11 localities within the 15th Senate District, we want to explain why we all endorse Senator Frank Ruff for the Republican nomination over his challenger. 


What does it take to become a good leader? First, you must have a strong faith and believe you have the ability to lead. It takes a lot of patience, compromising and hard work. No matter how hard you try, there will always be those who will oppose everything you do.

On May 29, some tapes were thrown away by mistake when they were placed in the free house at the dumpsters in South Boston. 

What in the world is the U.S.A. becoming? We’re suppose to have  freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press etc. but no freedom of our bodies (women)?

On Thursday, June 6, the World War I and World War II Commemoration Commission will join the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford in marking the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

A month before the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton reportedly said if that (expletive deleted) (Donald Trump) wins, “we all hang from nooses.”


Call me an old curmudgeon — go ahead, call me one — but I tend to grieve over the death of celebrities some younger folks may not remember.

Let’s take a trip to summer of last year. I was a completely different person: pessimistic, unmotivated and scared. I was scared of the future, of who I’d become, of where I’d go, and of what I’d do with my life in the next few years.

This letter is being written to keep the stories in our hearts and minds for future generations to come.

During and after session, I have been asked by many “After the governor, lt. governor and attorney general all got into trouble for what they said and did, why didn’t anything happen to them? Considering that their own party leaders from around the country were calling for them to resign, you should have forced them out of office.” 


Halifax County Heritage Festival Committee members take this opportunity to thank all who contributed to the tremendous success of the 16th Annual Halifax County Heritage and Antique Machinery Festival.

After following the weather forecast for days and checking the website (https://www.gohalifaxva.com/about-sobo-brewfest) of The South Boston BrewFest all week for changes or announcements, and seeing none, on Saturday, May 11, at 1:45 p.m., I journeyed to the site of the 2019 So-Bo BrewFest,…

Saturday, May 4, was a beautiful day for the Southside Master Gardeners’ annual plant sale, and we are most grateful to all those in Halifax-South Boston and neighboring communities who supported it — either by donating plants, by telling someone else about it or by coming to the sale in person.


This will be my first time responding to a letter to the editor, and I am doing so as I am in so agreement with the letter today concerning the above issue.

On behalf of my family and my daughter, Libby, we would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming love and support received since the moment of her car accident on Saturday, March 16. 


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