President Trump’s Supreme Court Justice selection has proven to be significantly polarizing for Democrats and Republicans alike. Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation was to be sent to the full Senate on Monday, where it was fully expected to be filibustered by Democratic members.

I am at a very exciting time in my life. I’m 23 years old, and just now beginning to really see what adulthood is all about.

FBI Director James Comey has publicly announced a full-blown investigation is underway on any Russian influence that could have interfered with the presidential election.

Abu Sayyaf is a relatively small, terrorist group that resides in the Philippines. There are approximately 500 members, but what they lack in numbers does not mean their wrath is not felt throughout the country.

It’s no surprise when children act like children. They lack the maturity to process some information and are emotional, not typically as stable as adults.

Sometimes I wonder whether or not I will have any good content to write about, and truthfully over the past few weeks I have found it hard to find any inspiration.

This past week HB 2025 passed in the Virginia House and was then directed to the senate. HB 2025 is a bill that proposes no one should be required to participate in the solemnization of marriage if the circumstances go against their personal beliefs.

Well, this week’s opinion piece is going to be weird, and I’m sure I’ll be met with a ton of criticism, but I couldn’t stomach to write another Trump article or even touch the Women’s March.

It’s Monday morning, and I’ve been scrolling Google News to see what’s hot to write about this week. It’s been super boring since the end of the election, but I saw an article today that made my jaw drop. 

President-Elect Donald Trump ran on many different platforms during his campaign. Some he has back peddled from, like his stance on abortion, but some he has continued to push forward such as halting illegal immigration and scrapping Obamacare.

A man has been officially charged in the shooting death of a Wayne State University police officer, Collin Rose.

Over 3 million people in North East Nigeria fell victim to Boko Harram’s reign of terror. A total of 270 school girls were kidnapped by the jihadist group, yet these tragedies remained largely under the media’s radar.

Last Tuesday was a monumental moment in American history. Our election day was nothing less than a shock to me, the pundits and the polls, but I suppose that’s what happens when the media spins the narrative of the election so severely.

This election has been nothing but messy, and this past Friday James Comey reopened the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

It’s pretty sad that once again my column is going to revolve around terrorism that has taken place on American soil.

Hillary Clinton’s seemingly failing health appears to be a lot more serious than most of us had originally thought. Despite coughing fits at almost every public speaking event, most people just chalked it up to a dry throat or possibly inhaling dust.

Minnesotans are really struggling with Obamacare and rising premiums, and it seems as if there is an inevitable collapse fast approaching.

Colin Kaepernick has recently made a statement claiming he refuses to stand up for and support our country because he believes African-American oppression has not been addressed.

A federal judge in Texas has just placed a temporary block on Obama’s demands for school-aged transgender students to be allowed to use the restrooms and locker rooms with which they identify.

The Louisiana National Guard and military police have been given a run for their money by the steadily rising floodwaters near Baton Rouge. Late last week over 25 inches of rain fell in Southern Louisiana and intense flooding came after.

Fifty years ago, a tragedy occurred at the University of Texas. Charles Whitman, who was an engineering student at the school, unleashed a reign of terror when he decided to shoot over 49 students, and kill 16 from the Tower on UT’s campus.

As I am typing this column, it is Independence Day. This won’t be published until July 6, but I have never felt as much emotion while writing as I do today.

I am sure that everyone has seen articles floating around Facebook and other sources about the Stanford swimmer rape charges and sentencing. This is a topic that I normally wouldn’t talk about because I try to keep things on the sane track of politics.

The Foreign Agents Registration Act may have landed our Democratic governor in hot water. Governor McAuliffe has found himself at the center of a federal investigation presumably regarding inappropriate foreign donations.

I’ve wanted to completely ignore this bathroom drama unfolding in North Carolina. 

The City of Seattle has had a history of May Day protestors, but this year an anti-capitalist group assembled without a permit and threw Molotov cocktails, rocks and an assortment of other weapons at police. 

Nothing in life is free, nor could it ever possibly be. Why do so many people in my age group think that this is untrue or that they are entitled to receiving things for free? There are a few factors I believe affect the way millennials view socialistic policies and self proclaimed “democratic socialists” candidates.

On Sunday evening, Brazil’s lower house of Congress casted their votes in favor of impeaching the Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff.

Many states in our country have been facing a dilemma that involves death row. Many prisons that perform the death penalty have been unable to obtain the ingredients needed for the lethal cocktail, which is the preferred method of euthanasia now.

Ted Cruz has centered his whole campaign on the “flat” tax and the abolition of the IRS. He has many supporters, but let’s take a look into the pros and cons of the flat tax and what the possibilities could entail if the IRS was actually done away with.

A bill was introduced to the House of Representatives last Wednesday and could mean that veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder will have their own service dog to help them cope with the trauma of war.

I’ve identified as a Republican for as long as I can remember, and I have registered as such since I’ve been 18 years old.

As we all know, Super Tuesday results in the corresponding states were pretty spot on with the polls. Trump won a lot, Cruz won a few, and Hillary demolished Sanders.

There’s no other way to put this. I’m embarrassed by what this Presidential election has become. I feel as if what we are witnessing should be a part of a weirdly dramatic novel about the downfall of American leadership and credibility.

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