Nothing in life is free, nor could it ever possibly be.

Why do so many people in my age group think that this is untrue or that they are entitled to receiving things for free? There are a few factors I believe affect the way millennials view socialistic policies and self proclaimed “democratic socialists” candidates.

It is extremely obvious that a vast majority of young, politically left leaning voters are full on Bernie Sanders supporters. We have seen with this current election, a little on both sides perhaps, that the popular vote doesn’t quite matter since Sanders has been winning the popular vote and still ending up with far fewer delegates than Hillary Clinton.

Scattered all around my Facebook newsfeed are young people rallying for Bernie, posting statuses stating that “The U.S. needs socialism,” and it really kind of blows my mind.

Far fewer older people view socialism in such a favorable way. I think that possibly the economy and mainly history have something to do with this.

I totally get that my generation is frustrated that we get ourselves into a ton of student loan debt, and usually either have to settle for a crummy job or end up a year after graduation still without a career path (example, ME!)

Yes, it’s frustrating, but it never once crossed my mind that we should make all college free. Why in the world would we want to increase the competition for the jobs that we are all looking for, and why would we want to decrease the worth of our degree that has set us $50,000 or more into debt? That does not make sense.

As opposed to federally mandated free college, you can work your butt off in high school, join clubs, make good choices and become eligible for scholarships. Working during college is also an option that many people don’t take advantage of. I had a job for only one year during my college career, and I look back and regret not working from the get go.

Historically older people associate socialism with eastern European countries that are still to this day in shambles due to the rise of Socialism and Communism years ago.

Millennials think of Scandinavian countries and how they just so happen to be the “happiest countries on the planet.” You think now that those countries have it so well off. Those countries are the size of our states or possibly two combined. They have significantly fewer people, and they end up paying a ridiculously high income tax which I’m 99 percent sure you will gripe about once you actually land a well paying job.

Imagine this; a teacher’s starting salary is roughly $36,000. At the end of the year, said teacher actually only nets around $27,000 due to income tax and insurance. That is a huge sum of money gone, and if we raised our income tax, how could you expect our teachers, police, EMS personnel to survive?

That doesn’t sound to me like it would be making the middle class stronger, but weaker.

Socialism sounds great. Everyone has the exact same thing, and everyone is happy, until you realize that you worked very hard for everything you have, while others did not work at all or not nearly to the extent that you did to receive their equal share.

Studies have shown that as people age, they become more fiscally conservative, and I’m willing to bet that it is because real life experiences make people realize that they can only depend on themselves to bring success into their lives.