Why did anyone think Bernie Sanders’ supporters could possibly rally behind Donald Trump?

I’ve said before in several of my articles I like to listen to talk radio. Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Todd Schnitt are the ones who I listen to on a weekly, if not daily basis.

When Sanders’ campaign was beginning to tank, I remember listening to the Hannity and Rush Limbaugh shows, while they claimed there was a good possibility Sanders’ supporters would possibly flock to Trump’s campaign.

I remember thinking to myself, why would anyone think that could remotely be a possibility?

These radio show hosts claimed that Trump’s “outsider status” would attract the Sanders crowd. Sanders’ voters and Trump’s voters have two very, very different sets of ideals.

A vast majority of the people my age who were Bernie fanatics wanted to vote for him because they believed he would make Wall Street less corrupt and somehow put universal education into place, because you know us college grads hate paying back the loans we knew we were getting ourselves into.

Trump supporters tend to gravitate to him because they believe he will stop the mass influx of illegal immigrants and will run our country successfully in terms of business.

These views don’t really align, and I’ve never met a Sanders’ supporter who could agree with an iota of Trump’s rhetoric, and vice versa. These two men and their visions were far too different to bring anyone across the aisle.

This has become obvious now as Hillary is destroying Trump in some of the polls. Yes, that’s right. A woman under federal investigation is trampling Trump. I hate to say I told you so, but…

Anyways, in some polls Hillary is beating the Don now 51-39 percent, all the while Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, is having a slow but steady gain in the polls that he is included in.

People said during the primaries that Hillary is a weak candidate, while I said that Trump was a weak candidate. He has had so many opportunities to do and say the right thing, but he always ends up with his foot in his mouth.

I personally wanted a Presidential candidate that I could’ve been proud of, not someone who I have to nit pick his traits and ideas just to see which ones are slightly better than Clinton’s.

Trump doesn’t have much longer to turn this around. He’s having trouble finding a guest speaker for the Republican Convention. Hardly anyone in the GOP has willingly backed him, and basically he’s run out of money.

This election has been so anticlimactic and unsurprising, and it’s hard to tell whether or not our country will get back on track or take a turn for the worse with these two candidates.

Amanda Long is a freelance writer for The Gazette-Virginian.