I’ve wanted to completely ignore this bathroom drama unfolding in North Carolina. I haven’t cared enough about this topic to speak on it, and I feel as if a lot of people who read my columns will not agree on what few opinions I have on this issue.

But now the state of North Carolina is suing the Justice Department and Loretta Lynch, and I’m thoroughly entertained.

First, I’m going to explain my not so popular in the conservative community opinion on this bill proposed by North Carolina. Here is what I think of it: it is stupid.

People in the trans community have been using restrooms that correlate with their outward appearance forever. Nine times out of 10, you won’t even be able to tell that a transgendered person in one restroom was born the opposite sex.

Live and let live, we’re all just trying to empty our bladders.

Also, will there be bathroom police? Will everyone have to start carrying their birth certificates just in case they have to use the bathroom out in public? Is this something that is going to cause a raise in taxes due to a need for extra funding for these potty police?

This proposed law is so stupid, and it has created so much controversy, lost revenue for the state of North Carolina and now apparently caused a giant lawsuit.

I understand that parents are scared that some pervert will take advantage of bathrooms being more “open,” but criminals do not follow the laws, or is that only an applicable statement when we try to defend our guns?

Fact of the matter is that creepy guys have hurt innocent people in bathrooms long before the proposed bill. You can tell when a creepy man in a dress is in the women’s restroom for the wrong reason, and I promise you that no transgendered individual is going to molest you while on a bathroom break. Silly.

So regardless of my feelings of this proposed bill, I also think that our amazing government has not handled it very well.

If North Carolina wants to impose weird bathroom laws and birth certificate inspections, then let them do it. We’ve clearly seen how little support they have gotten from celebrities and the average-day citizen.

The Justice Department claims that this proposed law is in violation of the Civil Rights Act, which I can see, but I also can stand behind allowing employers and businesses to decide what they want to do and, trust me, America will voice their opinions, and things will work out eventually.

Gov. McCrory, stated in the lawsuit that the Justice Department has bypassed Congress because being “transgendered” is not a protected class under the Civil Rights Act. This is correct and will probably be the only thing to help his case.

I suppose in closing that my opinion is that this North Carolina bathroom law is bull, the United States government loves overreaching, and targeting getting rid of gender specific bathrooms all together is kind of overboard.

People, let’s stop this pettiness. If you are incredibly worried about your child’s safety, then wait outside of the door and go in after a minute or two. Otherwise, keep on peeing beside the lady in the stall beside you who wasn’t actually born a lady.

You didn’t know in the first place.