Over 3 million people in North East Nigeria fell victim to Boko Harram’s reign of terror. A total of 270 school girls were kidnapped by the jihadist group, yet these tragedies remained largely under the media’s radar.

Now, several years after the trepidation of this vile group, the villagers of Moda are finally beginning to return home. When Boko Harram invaded this village, the inhabitants fled for safety and unfortunately have now returned to dilapidated or burned down homes, their fields for crops ruined and livestock completely gone.

With the media completely focused on the children of Syria, it seems as if the world has forgotten about those affected by Boko Harram. To be quite honest, had I not stumbled across an article about it in The Guardian, I would have completely forgotten about it as well.

Now, the UN and similar agencies are warning that the children who have returned to their villages very well could die in astronomical numbers due to starvation and disease. The medical volunteer group, Doctors Without Borders, has already seen the devastating effects of starvation and disease in Nigeria due to the rampage this terrorist group went on.

Although Boko Harram has been practically disbanded, people are still living in fear of being ambushed, and many refuse to leave the shelters where they are staying.

Unicef is on a mission to raise $115 million to aid the children who have to endure life after Boko Harram. Not much money has been raised, which is really sad. But we now live in a world that is so screwed up, every organization is trying to raise money for one thing or another.

How do we decide which cause is more important? Why are the Syrian children receiving 10 times more media coverage than the children in Nigeria? How can we determine which causes to donate to on a personal level?

It isn’t always up to our government to be a superhero and save everyone, and in fact that typically inflames situations and lays the pathway for insurgent groups like Boko Harram to form and later cause more destruction.

However, we can give to the causes directly. There are so many organizations that dedicate time and resources to helping the needy across the globe.

Unicef for example donates 90 cents per dollar that is donated, and they have a wide array of countries and services that they focus on.

Save The Children is also an organization that you can donate to, and you can also sponsor a child from any of the many countries that are served by this organization.

A quick Google search will show you which organizations are donating the most money to the actual causes, and you can research what cause you want to donate to.

With the holidays coming up, I feel like it is very important to think outside of ourselves and play our part in making the world a better place. Whether it be packing a shoebox for the Samaritan’s Purse or giving a monetary donation to a small village in Africa, every small effort matters because you are proving to someone who feels lost and helpless that they matter.

Amanda Long is a freelance writer for The Gazette-Virginian.