Over the past week, the Republican National Convention proved to pale in the expectation of drama put on by the left. Besides delegates being completely shut down after asking for a roll call vote, which I won’t get into, because at this point you all know my opinion of Trump and the GOP, the only drama was Ted Cruz telling Americans to vote their conscience and Melania Trump using similar talking points as Michelle Obama during her speech.

It was so boring; I could hardly stand to watch it half of the time.

Directly after the drab RNC, the DNC came under fire after over 20,000 emails were leaked by an insider.

These emails verified what we all knew -- that the DNC has a direct relationship with the media and that the DNC worked diligently to benefit the Clinton camp at all costs.

Part of me isn’t surprised that the DNC snubbed a man who has spoken out against them and their practice for 20 years, but I am surely not surprised that a major political party ignored the call of the people to nominate someone who has at least a slight amount of morals.

These emails also reveal that Debbie Wasserman Shultz, who in my opinion is a spineless creature, resorted to slander and verbal abuse to get what she wanted, whether it be to shut up reporters or other members of the DNC.

Now Wasserman Shultz has resigned so perhaps she can take her self-hate elsewhere.

More specific examples of these telling emails reveals that DNC employees wanted to out Bernie Sanders’ religious views to win over Southern voters.

“My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist,” reads the email, one that I find particularly disgusting.

One of Hillary Clinton’s lawyers gave advice to the DNC when Sanders’ camp announced that Hillary hadn’t donated her fair share of joint fundraising. Elias urged the DNC to call Sanders a liar and say that Clinton had donated an equal amount.

This shows a DIRECT connection between Clinton and this fiasco.

There were even emails to news outlets such as MSNBC demanding that they pull segments from the air that were critical of Clinton.

So when people say that the government owns the media, they weren’t necessarily wrong. Moreover, many emails reveal that DNC interns were sent to “protests” when there wasn’t a strong enough presence of the average citizen, just to beef up the amount of “bodies” at said protest.

In my opinion, the most damning and disgusting email revealed had Latino voters as the main topic. This email claims that Latino’s are a brand, not people. They claimed Hispanic and Latino’s vote the same way their families do, thus implying they are incapable of free thought.

It also was stated Hispanics are the best brand to push their agenda, and that without a marketing strategy, they could lose their vote.

So Trump has misspoken gravely and claimed that Mexico is sending over racists and drug dealers, so automatically Republicans are seen negatively.

Now, it has come out that the DNC refers to this demographic only as a brand that falls in line with group think, so I wonder if there will be any true outrage. My expectation is that the mainstream media will bury these specific emails.

So here we are, the DNC chair has stepped down, Bernie still won’t disavow the Democratic party, and my suspicion is that he has received a very pretty penny for his silence (yes, I see the irony folks), and Democrats and Republicans alike are taking to Twitter and other social media and denouncing this disgusting and unfair behavior.

I cannot honestly say that I expected much differently, but watching this unfold has been beyond entertaining.

Amanda Long is a freelance writer for The Gazette-Virginian.