Sometimes I wonder whether or not I will have any good content to write about, and truthfully over the past few weeks I have found it hard to find any inspiration.

Before I start typing each week, I search Google News for any article that intrigues me. I don’t know whether or not I’m falling out of love with American politics, or if I’m just simply bored with how we are going about things, but I’ve mostly been scrolling past 99.9 percent of what I find hoping for just one small paragraph somewhere that I can relate to whatever thought path I am on for that week.

This week was exactly the same, except I came across one article that actually made me laugh out loud when I read the headline.

“The Daily 202: DNC chair candidates say Clinton lost because she talked too much about Trump”

It was an article published by The Washington Post and written by James Hohmann.

Wow, I am so glad that someone in the DNC is starting to realize their mistakes. Tom Perez, the former secretary of labor, has publicly said he believes Hillary did not win the election because instead of formulating and laying out a plan to change the country for the better, she decided that talking smack about Donald Trump was going to be the easiest way into the White House.

Now I’ve said it plenty of times, I’m not particularly enthralled with the fact that Donald Trump is our POTUS, but I would have been absolutely nauseous had Clinton won because she’s so… out of touch with reality.

The DNC refuses to take any kind of responsibility for its actions and its members’ actions. We saw just last week Nancy Pelosi, who is quite literally one of the most unhinged and weird people I’ve ever seen in politics, play the victim on the floor after she berated and demeaned Jeff Sessions which is a direct violation of the rules in the House.

And instead of people within her party encouraging her to do better, they rallied with her and encouraged classless behavior.

These people are so out of touch with reality and the American people that I find it mind-blowing how the youth of this nation cannot see past their façade.

Why are these Democratic leaders in denial about this?

They lost because they did not plan a platform that actually is enticing to the American people.

They lost because they could not connect with the people around the country who would have voted for them.

They lost because they couldn’t humanize Clinton, and that’s no one’s fault but their own.

Amanda Long is a freelance writer for The Gazette-Virginian.