University of California, Berkeley was the birthplace of freedom of speech. It’s fairly amazing to me how a university that had students literally fight tooth and nail for the administrator to lift a ban on on-campus political activities can now stand behind a movement that wants to shut down any political speech that doesn’t align with the liberal agenda.

That is absolutely astonishing to me.

Now UC Berkeley students, on both sides of the political fence, are acting in ways that are truly embarrassing and immature.

Last month, a right wing provocateur named Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak at UC Berkeley. Students and individuals who identified as left leaning, or ANTIFA, literally swarmed the campus with Molotov cocktails and fireworks to use as weapons.

School authorities claimed that students were not involved in the riot, however, I believe this is just a way for them to cover their butts and not own up to the fact that they, like many other school administrations, added fuel to the fire.

This is so embarrassing for me, because 99 percent of these protesters are my age. They’re individuals who cannot cope — individuals who throw hissy fits when they don’t get their way instead of going through the appropriate channels to encourage change.

It’s disgusting.

Yes, protest peacefully. Seriously, it actually works. But once you resort to violence, you lose all credibility, because you are no longer looked at as a mature adult. You are now viewed as a petulant child.

This past week there was a Pro-Trump rally near UC Berkeley, and again, people acted a dang fool.

One kid wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat was jumped by two guys who were later arrested. Trump supporters were yelling, “other side of the wall for you” at people who disagreed with them.

I can’t imagine working my butt off to attend a university that was revered as the birthplace of free speech for students and watching that reputation be demolished by groups of immature children who have nothing better to do than channel their anger incorrectly.

Amanda Long is a freelance writer for The Gazette-Virginian.