After the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting, law was created in Connecticut banning certain “assault weapons.”

Typically, after any tragedy when a gun is involved, the natural instinct of some is to ban guns, just totally get rid of them.

After the Orlando shooting, Connecticut requested that the Supreme Court review the list of banned “assault weapons,” and the Supreme Court declined without comment. Several other states have previously asked the Supreme Court to get involved in the status of American gun laws and bans, but for now, the court refuses to entertain the idea.

The Supreme Court has criticized lower courts decisions on legalizing bans on certain guns like AR-15s and AK-47s. These decisions have been made by fear, and those who feed off that fear to further their political agenda.

Let’s just talk briefly on why guns like the AR-15 are not classified as assault rifles and how politicians exploit tragedy.

First and foremost, as plenty of you may know, an AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle. That means one round per one trigger pull. An AR-15 is basically any other rifle, minus the wooden stock and dressed in black. It works like a shotgun or handgun works and does not send off a continuous stream of bullets.

The term “assault weapon,” was coined by an anti-gun group in the late 1980s. Let’s please stop using it, because it isn’t even a sensible term.

An assault rifle is a fully automatic, military grade weapon which are unavailable to purchase by the average American citizen.

For a citizen to even want to begin of thinking of owning one of these guns, they would need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on the permits alone.

I’m not asking you to be politically correct when speaking about guns, I’m simply asking for you to become educated, so you don’t fall victim to some pitiful anti-gun ideology. Anti-gun politicians thrive off tragedies like these. It gives them the perfect atmosphere to push their agenda.

Another thing that I can’t wrap my head around is how this disgusting Orlando shooter managed to either kill or injure over 100 people, and reload his weapon over 30 times in approximately seven minutes, then hang out in the club for three hours searching the web and making phone calls.

It has been approximated that nearly 1,000 rounds were shot off, that means if the shooter used 30 round magazines, he had to reload 30 times. So this shooter was lugging around upwards of 60 pounds of ammunition, and somehow no one could find an open window of time where he was not shooting to possibly tackle or distract him.

Don’t take me wrong, in no way am I saying that this could have been stopped by a club-goer or am I trying to downplay the fear that was felt in that club, I am simply stating that something doesn’t quite add up.

Tragedies like this are not the fault of guns. These horrible acts are carried out by mentally ill, deranged terrorists. That is what these creeps want to instill in the American public — terror, and yes I am including the Sandy Hook shooter, the Aurora shooter and the Charleston shooter. Those dweebs are domestic terrorists, and I’m thankful that the Supreme Court isn’t letting fear win.

Amanda Long is a freelance writer for The Gazette-Virginian.