At the time that I am typing this we have 28 days until Election Day.

Twenty-eight days until I get that sinking feeling in my stomach knowing that America has sealed its fate for the next four years.

Twenty-eight days until my Facebook thread is filled with people from both sides of the aisle acting like absolute loons.

Twenty-eight days until the majority of Americans go to cast their vote for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, not realizing that they have other options.

28 days, that’s it.

This past Sunday night was the second debate, which was hosted by CNN. The 48 hours that led up to this debate had truly maimed the Trump campaign, and it was proven during the debate that the damage was irreparable.

A video was released from over a decade ago that showed Trump speaking very negatively toward women and almost insinuating that sexually assaulting women is easy when you’re a celebrity.

Whether or not this is “locker room” talk, it is unjustifiable, and absolutely no one who is coming to his defense on this one is of sane mind.

Let me tell you something, Trump doesn’t always have to be defended. He has apologized and said that he is absolutely ashamed of this banter, so he doesn’t need Facebook warriors defending him by embarrassing themselves. This isn’t something that should be chalked up to the saying, “boys will be boys.”

It was lewd, vile and disgusting regardless of whether or not he meant it figuratively or literally. It’s indefensible.

During the debate Trump looked absolutely defeated, while Hillary looked vile and as calculating as ever. Something struck me though while watching this debate. This is what America wanted apparently.

Somehow out of all of the people in this great nation, this is what we came up with. And God forbid if you say you want to vote third party, you know that makes you responsible for whichever one of the candidates wins.

If I could roll my eyes any harder at that statement, my eyes would fall out of my head.

So basically in November, either Trump or Hillary is going to win, and at this point I don’t even want to think about the aftermath of either one gaining the presidency.

This is an important election which should come down to the issues at hand, but sadly these two individuals are just different sides to the same coin, and a vast majority of America is absolutely being fooled.