I’ve identified as a Republican for as long as I can remember, and I have registered as such since I’ve been 18 years old.

Now I am 22, and I’ve got to wash my hands of the GOP. Honestly, nothing makes sense to me anymore.

The Establishment Republicans are big-government promotion crony capitalists, similar to the Democrats in Washington. It’s time for me to join another party, and some may think it’s stupid and think that I’m being a sell out, but I really do see the Libertarian party totally replacing the GOP within the next decade or two.

What attracted me to the Republican Party was my belief in being fiscally conservative and truthfully just opposing the left as I very rarely ever agree with any leftist policy, and most of the time anything that comes out of a Democrat’s mouth makes me roll my eyes.

Now, what is turning me off from the GOP is our constant desire to meddle in other countries and put boots on the ground when they aren’t always needed, the complete lack of compromise on social issues (what does government really have to do with marriage?) and the party’s lack of a plan to fix America’s education system.

Over the past year I’ve noticed myself becoming more and more upset every time the government tries to intrude in my life.

Seeing how many federal departments like the TSA and NSA that are unneeded and being paid for by tax dollars is honestly infuriating, and I don’t think that continuing to vote for establishment Republicans such as Rubio is wise at all, since they are still in support of these programs.

They are watered down Democrats, who still support big government and refuse to give up any power that they have over us.

I’ve also come to my own conclusion that voting of the lesser of two evils is still evil, so if Trump is to get the Republican nomination, I will be voting third party.

I refuse to contribute to the crap storm that will be a Trump presidency.

By the way, I still can’t stomach Trump even with Ben Carson’s endorsement (he was my pick for the nomination after Rand Paul).

At this point, the only candidate left that I could even consider getting behind is Cruz, and he’s honestly a little seedy as well.

I do appreciate the fact that he fights endlessly for our Constitution, though.

The Libertarian Party has had two debates within the past few weeks, with more to come in the near future.

I truly recommend tuning in, maybe not to find a candidate to invest a vote in, but to see what the actual party of liberty and freedom is all about.