Hillary Clinton’s seemingly failing health appears to be a lot more serious than most of us had originally thought. Despite coughing fits at almost every public speaking event, most people just chalked it up to a dry throat or possibly inhaling dust.

Several weeks ago some reports were published that discussed an odd crater on her tongue. The pictures confirmed the divot, and I personally thought it was weird but still didn’t think much of it.

Many also have noticed that every time Hillary has one of these coughing fits, a part of her team is always very quick to respond and come to her aid. There has been speculation about a decline in Clinton’s health for a little over a month now, and Sunday was the first time that it was formally addressed.

While at a 9/11 Memorial, Hillary left early claiming she felt quite overheated. A video has been released of Hillary waiting for her van with a group of her secret service.

As the van pulls up, Clinton’s knees seem to buckle, and several members of her team grab her arms, while she continues to stumble and faint. She was practically tossed into the van like a bag of meat. She was then taken to “Chelsea’s apartment.”

Later she emerged looking better and hugging a child on the street. Clinton’s doctor made a statement after the Sunday episode saying that Clinton has pneumonia and had simply overheated at the event and was recovering.

This announcement brings up several questions.

First question, how long has Hillary had pneumonia? These coughing fits have taken place for the better part of a year.

Second question, if she truly has pneumonia, then why did she hug a child during a photo op? I’ve had strep throat and bronchitis this past week and stayed far, far away from everyone.

Thirdly, if all Clinton has is pneumonia, then why wasn’t it just said? Why did her campaign have to call those who questioned her health sexist? It’s just ridiculous.

People have the right to know whether or not a presidential candidate is healthy enough to perform the task at hand.

It seems to me that if Clinton happens to win this election, Bill effectively will perform as president, but her face will be associated with all created policy.

There has even been speculation that the DNC has held an emergency meeting either to prepare Tim Kaine for a possible presidency or have held a meeting to brainstorm a new possible candidate. Neither of these have been confirmed, but rumors are floating around.

It seems to me that Hillary needs to focus more on her health instead of this election. It’s not like she is our last hope or anything.

Truly, I as much as I disagree with her politics, I do hope that she gets well and puts herself first.

Amanda Long is a freelance writer for The Gazette-Virginian.