A federal judge in Texas has just placed a temporary block on Obama’s demands for school-aged transgender students to be allowed to use the restrooms and locker rooms with which they identify.

Several states, including Texas, Utah and Tennessee, previously challenged Obama’s demands and claim that they are fighting for state and local school rights.

The Obama administration made it clear several months ago all “federally funded schools” must not discriminate against transgender students, and by forcing them to use the restrooms that identify with their biological gender is in fact discrimination.

I have to draw the line there. I am in no way, shape or form against transgender individuals. I’m just not. It isn’t my business. It isn’t affecting taxes. I would just rather people be happy with who they are and live their lives because it isn’t affecting mine.

However, for an administration to threaten schools with the removal of federal funding for not being gung-ho about letting a biologically male student into the women’s restroom is absurd.

I know I’m very socially liberal, and a lot of millennials are, but there are tons of people who are socially conservative.

While I think it is wrong to push socially conservative views down people’s throats and make it law, conversely it is wrong to push liberal social views and make that law as well.

I can see why people would be uncomfortable, I get it. It’s a little taboo, but I can say with 99 percent certainty that nine out of 10 transgendered high school students are uncomfortable even just walking into the school building every day.

Only God knows what kind of teasing and bullying they endure daily, and then to top it off they don’t know which bathroom is acceptable to use. But for this administration to dangle federal money in front of the faces of these schools is pathetic.

I wonder if federal funding will fund schools to have single stall restrooms -- one or two in a school would do a world of difference. It would allow students more privacy and would spare us of the Obama dramatics.

A lot of schools don’t have bathrooms large enough to accommodate adults with severe mental disabilities, so maybe these single stall restrooms could accommodate those students as well.

And no, these restrooms should not be known as the “transgender” bathrooms, as they should be available to all students, but they could easily be used by someone who is unsure of which restroom they should use.

It is fundamentally wrong for the Obama administration to threaten to defund schools who do not abide by his order, without providing any other options that will help better accommodate students.

Amanda Long is a freelance writer for The Gazette-Virginian.