It’s pretty sad that once again my column is going to revolve around terrorism that has taken place on American soil.

I knew that after the Orlando shooting, it was just going to be a matter of time until the next incident. Why do I have such a pessimistic attitude toward this? Because nothing publicly has been done to deter such heinous acts. This past weekend there were two attacks, one in Minnesota and a string of bomb findings in New York and New Jersey.

On Saturday, Dahir Adan who was a college student and a security guard, stabbed nine people in a Minnesota mall before being fatally shot by an off-duty police officer.

An ISIS news agency already has claimed responsibility for this attack, praising Adan for being a “soldier of the Islamic State.” The FBI is currently claiming that this attack could potentially be terror-related, but as of now there is no evidence that signifies this was anything other than a lone wolf attack. Reports of the incident note that Adan asked at least one person before the attack if they were Muslim, and he referenced Allah multiple times.

It isn’t hard to put two and two together.

Also on Saturday a bomb went off in Chelsea, New York, injuring approximately 29 people.

In New Jersey a bomb went off moments before a Marine Corps charity run was to take place. No one was injured when this bomb was detonated.

Several other devices have been found in New York and New Jersey, and the FBI and local authorities fear that a terror cell may be operating in the two states. Authorities shot and apprehended Ahmad Rahami, who has been seen on video at both locations where the bombs actually detonated.

So three attacks in one day. This is supposed to be our norm now. This is what we’re supposed to live with and get used to.

Most of the articles I have read, especially the one regarding the Minnesota stabbings predominantly focus on how there is fear that the local Muslim communities could receive backlash.

Well, considering that in recent years, nine Somali-American men have been charged on terrorism related charges from this area, I would say there probably is an issue within the community of immigrants there.

Adan’s mother said that ISIS does not represent Islam or Somalia, and this is true, but ISIS represents every person who does not denounce such acts of violence.

It might not be politically correct to recognize this, but these terror groups know exactly what they are doing. It’s easy to carry out attacks when everyone is scared to confront you or turn you in on the basis of strange behavior because they don’t want to be seen as a bigot or Islamaphobic.

I’m so tired of this happening. I’m tired of the current administration finding blame in anyone and everything except these people.

I’m tired of Clinton saying she wants to increase immigration from the Middle East by 500 percent, although the FBI and CIA have said the refugee population will be infiltrated by extremists.

I’m tired of the complete lack of common sense that our leaders have, but I am hopeful that one day, probably not in my lifetime, hate will be driven out of our world, and we will no longer wonder when the next attack will take place.

Amanda Long is a freelance writer for The Gazette-Virginian.