It’s no surprise when children act like children. They lack the maturity to process some information and are emotional, not typically as stable as adults.

But now we are seeing this emotional instability remain into adulthood. I’m not talking about people with real psychological issues. I am talking about people who are so lacking in maturity and grace they cannot stand to hear an opinion that differs from their own.

Tons of millennials, my age group, cannot bear the thought of free speech. They cannot deal with someone disagreeing with their opinion, and I believe there is a direct correlation to this and participation trophies or simply getting something for nothing.

Why did my age group have to be so coddled?

Why did the crappiest kid on the baseball team have to get a trophy too?

Why do we think that our opinions are the only ones that are relevant?

Why are kids on Facebook now asking for “content warnings” on other people’s status updates?

Why does anyone in their right mind feel like it is everyone else’s responsibility to protect their emotions and feelings?

It absolutely blows my mind how my generation has little to no coping skills or any ability it seems to think critically.

This past weekend a Florida middle school student threw a block at the Presidential motorcade. This kid could face criminal charges because I’m sure someone is teaching him that this foolish behavior is acceptable because our president stands for what a lot of this nation stands against.

After Trump was elected in November, a kid, who was either in middle school or about to be, set a fire at an Anti-Trump rally. He was interviewed by an independent news source and was literally bragging, explaining he didn’t feel bad because he hated Trump.

I’ll never understand why people teach their kids this is ok. Instead of teaching your kids to be a bunch of Antifa doofuses, give them books, enroll them into summer kids colleges, teach them about checks and balances and each tier of government.

Let them write letters to their delegates, take them on tours of the capital, etc.

Stop allowing your kids to adopt a victim mentality and resort to petty violence. Give them knowledge and the tools to grow and expand their minds. Teach them it’s ok to agree to disagree, and teach them it’s OK to be wrong sometimes.

Amanda Long is a freelance writer for The Gazette-Virginian.