This election cycle has been crazy to say the least. The GOP started with 17 candidates, and now Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee.

Ever since Trump announced his candidacy in June of last year, the media has been in a frenzy to cover this guy. Donald Trump has gotten the most media coverage of any presidential candidate this year because controversy sells, and this has resulted in a surge of popularity for the Don.

Conservative talk radio hosts such as Sean Hannity claimed throughout this entire process they were not going to endorse any candidate but jumped to Trump’s defense during his many controversies on the campaign trail.

It has been obvious to me that the talk radio hosts that I once enjoyed listening to boosted Trump’s campaign. I listen to the Rush Limbaugh show, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck daily on the radio, and the one person who was very anti-Trump was Glenn Beck.

Hannity was so obviously in support of Trump during this whole process, but paraded behind comments such as, “I’m not going to endorse any candidate, but I will back the nominee regardless of who it is.”

CNN and MSNBC cover Trump on a near daily basis, mostly in a negative way, but this has still pushed Trump and his “policies” into the limelight.

The media has created an intrigue into the mind of Trump. Had any other candidate been so heavily followed by the media, I believe that this race to the nomination would not have been such a “landslide.”

Of all of the interviews I have watched, Trump supporters mostly comment on their desire for Trump to build a border wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Very few comment on his tax plan, his stance on health care, or his ability and desire to improve foreign relations. This is because the mainstream media has highlighted this one aspect of Trump’s campaign because he hasn’t had unwavering stances on the other important issues.

I was listening to the Todd Schnitt show last week on my drive home from work, and the topic of discussion was Trump refusing to release his tax history until an “audit is done” which will be after the November election.

This to me seems fishy, because I don’t believe myself to be a sheep. Well, a Trump supporter called in and said that she didn’t care about seeing the Don’s taxes, because he just gets unnecessary flack, and it shouldn’t matter anyway.

It should matter, and it does matter.

All of this makes me wonder if this election cycle would have a different outcome if it had not been fueled by empty promises by Trump (that dang wall), and a drama fed mainstream media.

People are going to pick a side when they need to, and it certainly has been made to seem like Trump is the person to either back or hate.