I’m kind of feeling like I’m a beating a dead horse by bringing up this subject again, but the HB2 bill (bathroom law) in North Carolina has caused an incredible amount of crazy that I simply cannot wrap my head around.

My personal feeling is that the bill is stupid and has created a vast amount of super unnecessary controversy when there was never an issue with transgender use of bathrooms to begin with.

Those who are fighting valiantly to make a biological woman who identifies and outwardly looks like a male use the women’s room are simply odd and too authoritarian for my taste.

This isn’t what is bothering me the most about the aftermath of HB2. Self-righteous celebrities are the ones who are really grinding my gears.

Pearl Jam, Boston, Cyndi Lauper, Ringo Starr and several other performers have either decided to completely skip out on their performances in North Carolina or donate all proceeds to LGBT foundations.

I think I am very fair and love all people. Some would even say that I am socially liberal, and I wouldn’t be inclined to disagree.

I have always believed that citizens of our country deserve the same treatment as their neighbors, even if they live what some would consider an alternative lifestyle, so I see the frustration that thousands are feeling in regards to HB2.

What I don’t see is how a group like Maroon 5, can have the audacity to cancel their performance in North Carolina, but continue with their plans of playing in several Eastern European countries such as Russia, Poland and Georgia, where people in the LGBT community are harassed, attacked and even persecuted by police on a daily basis.

That is the biggest example of hypocrisy I have witnessed in a good while.

Number one, why would you punish your fans for something that has absolutely nothing to do with them? The fans are taking the brunt of the blow; I promise the North Carolina economy won’t crumble because Adam Levine isn’t performing anymore.

So not only are these celebrities being blatantly discriminatory against the citizens of a whole state, but some of them aren’t demanding that other communities address the wrong doings done to the LGBT people in said community like they are here.

This is absolutely mind blowing.

Weird bathroom laws on American soil, while still crappy and inexcusable, are nowhere near the plights that gays in Russia or Turkey face.

My point of this is that for most of these groups and performers, this has been nothing but a platform to bring some attention to their careers. What better way to stay relevant than to crush your fans’ hopes and dreams, while claiming to be a champion of LGBT rights when in reality, you aren’t doing a darn thing.

So no, Maroon 5 does not care about LGBT rights, at least not on a global scale.

We live in a society where we are willing to force a baker to bake a cake that goes against their beliefs when there is no contract involved, but we will let celebs back out of contracts because of something that they “believe” in.

The saddest part of this is that some people actually think that these famous people care about them, when in reality they’re simply exploiting a movement to improve their careers.