The City of Seattle has had a history of May Day protestors, but this year an anti-capitalist group assembled without a permit and threw Molotov cocktails, rocks and an assortment of other weapons at police. Five police officers were injured, and nine protestors were arrested. The angered group formed after a peaceful protest in favor of higher minimum wage and against the deportation of illegal immigrants.

I am completely for the ability of American citizens to peacefully gather against or for a cause. I respect peaceful protests; it is one of the most effective ways to have our voices heard. However, there is a conflict that Malcom X and Martin Luther King Jr. had many times during their battle for civil rights. Martin Luther King Jr. adamantly preached for peace and nonviolence, where as Malcom X felt that sometimes violence could answer our problems. I have to side with MLK on this one.

One of my favorite radio shows to listen to is the Glenn Beck program, and he constantly preaches on this topic. Violence is not the answer, and it seems as of lately that the radical left is trying to push a majority of normal Americans toward the edge and they want us to respond with violence. This is why Trump’s campaign has been a gold mine for the left. The violence that has perpetuated with Trump’s campaign will be used in whomever the Democratic nominees anti-Republican ads, and they will be altered in an even more unflattering way.

It is funny though to see that a majority of the violence during this campaign has stemmed from the left, mostly based on the Anti-Trump notion and belief that he is a closet Klansmen. While I strongly dislike Trump, I refuse to say he is racist… you would have to look to Hillary Clinton for that adjective.

So I urge everyone to remain peaceful and steadfast no matter how the rest of the primaries go. Do not let another person ruffle your feathers so much over something that you respond with violence, because it is only violence from the right that is shown in a negative light, and that is something that could truly set the party back for years.