Over the past week or so, North Korea has been taunting the U.S., stating they are fully prepared to go to war with us. This isn’t anything new. 

North Korea has threatened to nuke us what seems like once a month over the past five years. I, personally, have never really thought anything of it, because Kim Jong-un has to know deep down that if they tried to pull anything, they would be wiped off the face of the planet.  

The Trump administration however, has taken these threats very seriously and has even sent Mike Pence to Seoul, South Korea to give a stern warning to their not so friendly neighbors to the north.

Pence said North Korea could receive the same treatment as Syria and Afghanistan has over the past month, so basically he’s saying “stop threatening us, or we will bomb you even though we know you aren’t actually going to follow through with your threats.” 

In 2003, 20 MOABs (Mother of All Bombs) were built, and they only have a 15-year shelf life. It is my prediction that Trump is ready and willing to use them all in the next year. 

Unsettling, but nothing would surprise me at this point.

Even China has kind of started to distance themselves from North Korea, some speculate that is because Chinese officials know something might happen, but I think it’s so they can keep Trump happy and trade still going. 

Russia hasn’t said much about this issue as of now, so it’s pretty clear to see that North Korea is literally in the mindset of, “It’s us against the world.” 

Our Navy already has repositioned a ship near the Korean Peninsula, which has caused alarm for many. It almost seems as if we are positioning ourselves to make preemptive strikes.

 I know that it is of utmost importance to protect ourselves, but really? North Korea? I don’t think that they truly have the capability of reaching the United States with any kind of weapon, and even if it could reach our land, something would happen, and it would fall apart before it lands here. 

This is a country that literally cannot afford to feed its own.  The citizens of North Korea are cataract-ridden, emaciated, brain-washed and hopeless. 

Do we really need to bomb them, further damaging the relationship between North Korea and ourselves? Do we really not have any other options? 

How do we have so much intelligence, but we still haven’t been able to weasel our way into North Korea quietly to pick off Kim Jong-un? 

It blows my mind. 

I don’t necessarily believe in foreign intervention unless 100 percent necessary, but my heart does go out to the people of North Korea. 

I wish there was a way to resolve these issues without dropping more bombs and hurting innocent people.

But clearly if that were an option, it would have happened by now. 

Amanda Long is a freelance writer for The Gazette-Virginian.