So this morning as I am researching for what my opinion column should be about this week, I began to think about visiting the Huffington Post website. For those of you who do not know, HuffPo has become about 99 percent left leaning opinionated whiners’ blogging about their feelings and about 1 percent “real” news.

So of course I clicked on the page and decided to browse around. Most of what I see is hate filled blogs from the left condemning the existence of white people in general or reaching to say that Trump is literally Hitler.

However, one little blog did catch my eye. A lady from Reno, Nevada, died recently after contracting a drug-resistant superbug in India.

So the lady broke her femur in India and was hospitalized where she then contracted an infection in the femur that travelled into her hip. Upon her arrival back home, she became increasingly more ill and was hospitalized again where it was discovered that she had systemic inflammatory response syndrome. The particular bug this lady had was resistant to all 26 antibiotics available in the United States.

So what does this have to do with people and their crappy opinions (yes, I am fully aware that to some people my opinions are crappy)?

Proactivity and preventative measures. Super bugs exist when there is a misstep in the treatment of an infection that requires an antibiotic. Antibiotics are what cause drug resistance, so every time your doctor prescribes you amoxicillin, and you quit taking it three days before you should, you’re contributing to the formation of a superbug.

Likewise, when we allow a toxic environment for radicals, both left leaning and right leaning, they begin to expand and grow and become resistant to any logical thinking.

Think of government as the antibiotic. People think that government is a cure all when it isn’t. And when government fails people, they get angry, and radical groups pop up left and right.

Half of the issue with antibiotics now is doctors are prescribing antibiotics when they shouldn’t be. That’s half of the issue with our country right now too. Government gets involved when it shouldn’t.

So the moral of the story here is to take all of your antibiotics if you trust your doctor enough to believe that you do in fact have an infection that requires antibiotics and to try to contribute to a society that is led by free thinkers who can think freely without crapping on other people and spewing hatred.

Amanda Long is a freelance writer for The Gazette-Virginian.