As we all know, Super Tuesday results in the corresponding states were pretty spot on with the polls. Trump won a lot, Cruz won a few, and Hillary demolished Sanders.

My experience at the polls was short and not the easiest. I had trouble deciding whether I should vote based on who in my heart I felt could lead our country, or whether I should vote for Cruz simply because he is so close behind Trump, and he seems to now be our only real shot at a bright and improving future.

I ended up voting with my heart and lost my candidate the next day, but I’ll save that heartbreak for another article.

Trump and Clinton won Halifax County by a landslide. While I’m not surprised at all, I can’t lie and say that I’m not disappointed.

So, for the county Democrats, why did you cast your vote for Hillary Clinton? Was it because of her long career in politics, or maybe the hope that she will lead similarly to her husband in terms of policies, all of which she recently has been denouncing by the way.

Did you vote for her simply because she is on the left side of the aisle, or because she is a woman?

Did you black out the little box beside her name because you actually think she possesses the leadership skills that this country so desperately needs and deserves?

Did you vote for her because of her amazing track record as Secretary of State or her honest demeanor (i.e. Benghazi, email scandal, etc.)?

Did you vote for her because she claims to stand with women when in fact she has shamed women into silence because they claim to have been sexually assaulted by her husband?

Did you vote for her because she’s an elderly white lady who has been so clearly pandering for the black and minority vote?

I do not understand why anyone could vote for her. I can at least somewhat appreciate the naivety of Bernie’s supporters, because at least they seem to want free stuff for everyone.

But what I can’t wrap my head around is why anyone would vote for Clinton, so if you could please enlighten me, that would be great.

And for Trump voters, what is it about him that you actually like? Is it his celebrity? Is it his empty rebuttals and bounding insults during debates? Is it all of the bankruptcies and failed business plans that made you vote for him?

Is it because it seems like everyone else was going to vote for him, so you might as well too?

Did you vote for him because of his amazing spray tan and shiny personality?

Did you vote for him simply because you think his knowledge of business could actually bring this country out of the squalors of debt, or was it because he has taken it a step past ignoring political correctness to being flat out demeaning at times?

Did you vote for him because you think he has conservative values, none of which he actually has shown?

Did you vote for him because you think he has the best chance at beating Clinton even though every poll shows him losing to her in a General Election?

Researching candidates is important. Understanding the issues, and where candidates stand is important.

But it seems that celebrity and a last name have proven to be more important in this election cycle.