As we all know, the second deadliest terror attack occurred early Sunday morning on United States soil.

A nightclub called Pulse was targeted by Omar Mateen, an American born Muslim who pledged allegiance to ISIS just moments before killing 49 people and severely injuring over 50 more.

Mateen has been described by several people as abusive, racist and unpredictable, and has even been looked into by the FBI twice.

It seems fairly clear to me that this is simply an open and shut case of domestic Islamic terrorism that just so happened to target the LGBT community.

However, this doesn’t fit the current national political agenda unfortunately.

Over the past several weeks, conservative activists and bloggers have been repeatedly blocked and banned from websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.

Lauren Southern, a Canadian conservative activist who I follow, has had her account on Facebook frozen for “breaking the community standards” and later unfrozen for shedding light on the censorship of conservatives on social media.

Having a dissenting opinion is NOT breaking community standards.

On Monday morning, I went to to view a “subreddit,” or a “subforum” on information about the Orlando attack. I had been told by a friend that one of the threads on the website had local people and club attendees posting information that has not quite been released by the media yet.

There have been claims by survivors that there was more than one shooter, and Mateen was just the one who has so far taken the claim.

Monday morning on Reddit, there was outrage by users because the moderators of the forum had been consistently banning users who tied the shooting to radical Islamic terrorism.

According to some of the moderators on Reddit, calling something for what it is and being honest is “hate speech,” and dissenting opinions are not vitriol.

I used to love going on Reddit to keep up with world events and see other people’s opinions. Over the past few months I have stopped due to the constant banning of people who can admit the truth.

Let’s be honest here, there is an agenda being pushed in this country. That agenda claims that guns are bad, white men are bad, and anyone who disagrees is a violent, gun clinging racist piece of trash.

This has been a hard tragedy for the left to politicize. The left is so busy defending Muslim and gay rights that they cannot see this issue for what it is.

God forbid if this shooter was a white Judeo-Christian man, the left would be frothing at the mouth.

The Reddit thread would be one of the highest visited sites, but since this horrible tragedy didn’t fit the liberal narrative, censorship has been flowing abundantly.

It is a pitiful state of the Union that we live in, and sadly there seems to be no more “United” in the “United States,” because some would rather protect the feelings of some than protect the security of our nation.

Amanda Long is a freelance writer for The Gazette-Virginian.